Whew, where has the time gone!!

June 16, we are half way through the month and I haven’t accomplished what I thought I’d have done yet. I have plenty of encouragement though, from my adopted aunt Glyn. I’ll have to get her picture into the slide show. She is my friend through the commonality of arthritis and fibrmyalgia, and she lead me to Jesus and the Church of Christ, which has saved me. I was so lonely with no direction before Glyn. And, to add one more thank you, I met Glyn thanks to the Reverend Dale who was head of the Ministerial Alliance in our town a few years ago. He introduced us to each other and we have been supportive to each other ever since. I also gained a good friend in Glyn’s daughter, Diane. She also has fibromyalgia along with other illnesses including a serious back injury. So we don’t go out and play tennis or hike the mountains, but we certainly gain strength from each other.

On another note, I am now a 1st Responder for Digitalscrapbookpages! I am very excited about it. I love their products, the people are great, they have designers that are very professional in their products and a great forum. Let’s see, what else, they have chats regularly, and challenges with great prizes. You get prizes during the chats as well. So come join us at Digitals.


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