So frustrated ….

I have spent hours today trying to get a custom template for my blog. They all say they are simple but then you have to know what kind of blog you have. All I really wanted to do was widen the right side bar a bit so the whole slide show will appear.

On the bright side, I worked hard and got a lot done in the house. I tried my new floor steamer, no not on the kitchen floor ~ that’s just too ambitious ~ but I did the guest bathroom. I swept it first, then you put nothing more than water in the Bissell, pull a trigger and go back and forth. I wonder if I should have washed it first too, because even though I swept it was still building up little bits of dirt and leaving them here and there. Anyone who has cleaned a floor knows what I mean.

I also cleaned the mat under my computer chair, probably for the first time since I put it here! lol I washed both sides of it and sanitized it with that all over sanitizer. Vacuuming under it made the biggest difference.

Then I went into the den. It is my future scrapbooking room, former den complete with 15 in 1 game table, that I think I can make work as one of my desks. I totally cleaned off the single bookcase in there and mounted one of my Karen Foster Hook and Peg system boards. It’s pretty simple but I am beat. I have three more to put up, then I will move the table over there and see if it works. I already measured the height so that’s going to work regardless.

My hands hurt from working so much. When I got up this morning my feet hurt! I haven’t had that happen since my days as a cocktail waitress or bartender. Yesterday I did some yard and porch work. That’s hard on my feet and knees. But I really do feel muscle developing again! That is enough to keep me going.

3 more days til I see Ayiana! I can’t wait. I hope she is doing well in treatment. It’s not easy for her or for me. But if we get through this year working hard, we’ll be set for the rest of her growing years. I firmly believe that. And I know she is protected by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Well I feel better now. Not so frustrated. I’ll just stick with what I’ve got until Blogger gets off it’s butt and makes some more templates or makes these more easily customized. Enjoy the day!


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