So tired, why am I still awake …

It never fails. I get ready to turn off the computer and head to bed when Ifind some awesome download I’m afraid I’ll lose if I don’t do it right away. Tonight I found a download with 48 scrappers contributing, what a collaboration! And it’s the style I like, it’s a playground theme. I bookmarked it but my browser has been weird with my bookmards so I’m worried. One more download and I can go to bed. Cool! It says less than 2 minutes til it’s done.

I talked to Ayiana today. She was all wound up. I think I talked to Terri more than her because she was working on some paper project and that’s mostly what I heard, paper russelling. Anyway, it’s always good to hear her voice, and hear “I love you” and “I miss you”. We are getting there. Next week we have family therapy.

Hey, it’s done. Goodnight.


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