Blog Check

I realized tonight some of my posts may be out of order. I found a few posts that had never been published so I published thinking they would be posted according to date. My mistake. Still on the learning curve. I plan to take some time to study more of the help WordPress has posted.

Its Thursday night with 5 more days to go before we get paid. I call my SSDi getting paid because I worked most of my life and paid into the system. Any way,



I took my daughter out for 20 minutes. We had a brief errand to run. Before we could return home, my daughter received a call from her bf who was at home. He said the dogs were making a lot of noise which is unusual. I have tiny 6lb Yorkie named Inky and an 11lb Tibetan Terrier that i leave in my bedroom when i leave home for a brief period of time. When I got home I saw that Inky needed to have his bum washed. This happens on occasion as i keep his fur long. After cleaning him i saw that his eye was bleeding and swollen! A small cut could be seen and it seemed to swell and get worse before my eyes. At first i thought Cassie and Inky may have been wrestling around and Inky was scratched or fell off my bed. i dont know. My dd’s bf has admitted in the past to abusing Cassie but express sincere regret and a new understanding of animals emotions, pain and feelings. But now, i began to wonder. i was texting with a friend and she became convinced the bf had done it. she was very angry and texted him about it. i plan to take him into the vets office tomorrow. maybe she will shed some light on possible causes. im debating about posting a photo as, to me at least, they are very upsetting. ill see if i can put up a small one. check in tomorrow for the vets report.

How Inky appeared when I returned home
Inky’s swollen eye

Another Day

Im in bed again. Ice pack is on my toe because something bit me while I was in the bathroom. 

I’m in bed mostly because I’m missing one of my medications. It helps a lot with pain as well as balancing emotions. For some reason, on occasion my mail-order Med company holds one med til my doctor tells them yes, I can take it along with the others. Luckily it didn’t take long. I received my other meds 2 days ago so I hope to see this one in another day or two. In the meantime I’m not functioning very well. 

I don’t want my emotions to become overblown; it’s work to keep them in check. Every time I talk with someone I think about each word I’ll use. I have to make sure my words will be taken the way I want it to be taken. 

The drugstore called but I can’t understand the message he left. I’ve tried to call but the number of callers ahead of me just keeps increasing. I haven’t had a call back from the eye doctor’s office. 

My daughter and her boyfriend are 4-5 days clean off of spice. They are doing better each day but they still have their moments. Sometimes I say something to him, then he just stares off. So I get his attention again, repeat each word slowly and hope it sinks in. I don’t think it did this time. I’d better go check the mail box. It’s 102* outside. It won’t take long. 

A New Day

Thinking about a focus for my writing is not easy today. I have a teenaged daughter, her boyfriend is currently living with us. Arthritis and fibromyalgia continue trying to keep me down, in both senses of the word. Then there are my beautiful puppies. They are not really puppies, Cassie, a Tibetan Terrier, is about 2 and Inky is around 13! He’s a Yorkshire Terrier so he has several years to go, thank heaven. They are such a joy for me. My older daughter and her husband are in Illinois raising my 2 granddaughters, Bailey, 7 and Paisley, 1. I saw them last year for the first time. Of course pictures are coming in the near future.

But I want this blog to be about something more, as Betty Friedan might say. There is something stirring inside that I can’t quite put my finger on; its begging to be written about. If only I could name it. Perhaps I will start out with the hope it will appear organically in my writing.

In any case, I hope you will come along on my journey of self discovery. That is it – self discovery. A sounding board for self discovery will help in so many ways. I encourage you to contribute your thoughts and wisdom as we go. Hopefully we can discover ourselves together. Thank you for reading today’s post.