A New Day

Thinking about a focus for my writing is not easy today. I have a teenaged daughter, her boyfriend is currently living with us. Arthritis and fibromyalgia continue trying to keep me down, in both senses of the word. Then there are my beautiful puppies. They are not really puppies, Cassie, a Tibetan Terrier, is about 2 and Inky is around 13! He’s a Yorkshire Terrier so he has several years to go, thank heaven. They are such a joy for me. My older daughter and her husband are in Illinois raising my 2 granddaughters, Bailey, 7 and Paisley, 1. I saw them last year for the first time. Of course pictures are coming in the near future.

But I want this blog to be about something more, as Betty Friedan might say. There is something stirring inside that I can’t quite put my finger on; its begging to be written about. If only I could name it. Perhaps I will start out with the hope it will appear organically in my writing.

In any case, I hope you will come along on my journey of self discovery. That is it – self discovery. A sounding board for self discovery will help in so many ways. I encourage you to contribute your thoughts and wisdom as we go. Hopefully we can discover ourselves together. Thank you for reading today’s post.



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