Another Day

Im in bed again. Ice pack is on my toe because something bit me while I was in the bathroom. 

I’m in bed mostly because I’m missing one of my medications. It helps a lot with pain as well as balancing emotions. For some reason, on occasion my mail-order Med company holds one med til my doctor tells them yes, I can take it along with the others. Luckily it didn’t take long. I received my other meds 2 days ago so I hope to see this one in another day or two. In the meantime I’m not functioning very well. 

I don’t want my emotions to become overblown; it’s work to keep them in check. Every time I talk with someone I think about each word I’ll use. I have to make sure my words will be taken the way I want it to be taken. 

The drugstore called but I can’t understand the message he left. I’ve tried to call but the number of callers ahead of me just keeps increasing. I haven’t had a call back from the eye doctor’s office. 

My daughter and her boyfriend are 4-5 days clean off of spice. They are doing better each day but they still have their moments. Sometimes I say something to him, then he just stares off. So I get his attention again, repeat each word slowly and hope it sinks in. I don’t think it did this time. I’d better go check the mail box. It’s 102* outside. It won’t take long. 


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