I took my daughter out for 20 minutes. We had a brief errand to run. Before we could return home, my daughter received a call from her bf who was at home. He said the dogs were making a lot of noise which is unusual. I have tiny 6lb Yorkie named Inky and an 11lb Tibetan Terrier that i leave in my bedroom when i leave home for a brief period of time. When I got home I saw that Inky needed to have his bum washed. This happens on occasion as i keep his fur long. After cleaning him i saw that his eye was bleeding and swollen! A small cut could be seen and it seemed to swell and get worse before my eyes. At first i thought Cassie and Inky may have been wrestling around and Inky was scratched or fell off my bed. i dont know. My dd’s bf has admitted in the past to abusing Cassie but express sincere regret and a new understanding of animals emotions, pain and feelings. But now, i began to wonder. i was texting with a friend and she became convinced the bf had done it. she was very angry and texted him about it. i plan to take him into the vets office tomorrow. maybe she will shed some light on possible causes. im debating about posting a photo as, to me at least, they are very upsetting. ill see if i can put up a small one. check in tomorrow for the vets report.

How Inky appeared when I returned home
Inky’s swollen eye

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