We have a Christmas blog afterall

Thanks to a lady named Allie Brown (click this post title) who created the kit, and Vicki who created this gorgeous Christmas kit, I have the Christmas blog layout loaded! Woohooo! I love it. I did not know changing your blog decor could be as much fun as writing it. lol

Two more weeks and the semester is over and I’m on Christmas break. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into teaching. I love the eagerness to learn I see in most college students. And I’ve learned if you don’t see it, you can create it. If you are one of those students who doesn’t feel the eagerness, challenge yourself. When I get my Career page in better shape, I will have a lot of information posted that will assist students in meeting their goals in college, even in Grad school. (That was a trip!) Off to grade the last exam and get grades ready for class, although I’m in such a Christmasy mood I want to go download all those kits in the post below. So why don’t you get started for me? lol ttyl


I almost forgot ….

that I even had a blog. I’ve been busy with quite a few different projects, but they are all moving ahead. Life keeps improving in many ways. I can’t mention most of them right now due to potentially peeping eyes, but I will share one day.

I am excited that I finally found the photos I needed for my dear friend Diane’s 6yo dd’s birthday present that was due like 2 months ago. bad .. bad! But it’s going to be so cool, a Bratz shadow box to match her room. She is actually a sophisticated little one (hard to believe at that age, but true) so she will truly appreciate it. I can’t wait to get it done. I’m thinking that will be one project for this weekend.

Another one is the challenges at Digital Scrapbook Pages. I’m starting to get smoother at creating pages so I signed up for a bunch of them this month. If you create 12 of the 19 or so challenges, you earn a huge mega kit. There’s a different kit each month and they are all really well made. Quality control at Digitals is really sharp. (I didn’t know such a thing existed in scrapbooking until I learned about how much is done at Digitals.) Here’s the link in case you want to check out the challenges. Digitals Forums Scroll down to the challenges category and check them out! They have been a great way for me to practice and learn digi. And it’s encouraging because you get a prize of a mini kit or something like it for posting the challenge.

And check out the new blog roll down the sidebar. It’s all the Digitals Designers blogs. Most are updated frequently, many daily, and many have freebies. So go surfing, dudettes!

Ayiana starts 4th grade on Monday. Hard to believe. She is growing up, and I finally know what that really means, maturing. Not only is she taller, she thinks differently, has different needs and interests. But she is still a barrell of fun! Nothing better than a good tickle fight between us. LOL Okay, well maybe a good hug is a bit better. Anyway, dinner time. I’ll try and check in more often. Maybe I’ll have some layouts to post this weekend.

The Polar Express Blog Train comes to an end

Digital Scrapbook Pages Polar Express Blog Train was wonderful! 23 designers participated for 12 days, making hybrid and quickpages from one of their designer kits for free. Gifts to their customers and others who want to get to know their quality and style. Plus there were the presents in the Store Hunt. I never did find some of those. They were hidden well and the clues were a bit tricky.

There will be another big event at Digital Scrapbook Pages again soon. But for now, I get to go play with my new pages! Enjoy the weekend.

Windy Wednesday

I’m glad I don’t have anywhere to go today. It is so windy, sustained between 25-35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. I had to go out and make sure everything around the yard is weighted down. I’m spending some time on my favorite board today DigiShopTalk. They are the nicest people and very creative and fun. Stop by sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

Someday I’m going to get serious and instead of running all over the internet picking up gorgeous freebies I’m going to start learning to make digi pages with PSE 5. I get torn between wanting to get the house moved around and playing on the computer. I try to leave it off in the morning, but it’s always calling my name by the time I’m done with breakfast.

My dear friend Sharon from church has a cancerous tumor so please pray for her. My other dear friend Bill is in the hospital in a lot of pain. He is like my grandfather, so please pray for him as well.

If nothing else, we can be thankful for our health, even if it’s not perfect.

I’m Baaack!

I thought I’d try WordPress for a while. After all, I was seeing a lot of digi-scrappers with WordPress blogs, it looked “professional”, whatever that means. So I gave it a fair shot, it’s been about a month. I don’t know if they are still a new site or if they just have lots of glitches, but things didn’t go the way they should have all the time, and it wasn’t as easy as it is here to move around the items on your page. So I made the big decision, to move one more time.

Now to the important stuff. It’s stinkin’ hot outside. My car said it was 105 just now. That’s just too hot, too early in the season. Here come the electric bills.

I’m going to try my hand at decorating a few different styles of notebooks and see if they will sell. I also have papier mache ornaments in both black and vanilla, as well as 3 sizes of one book each, from the same material, to decorate. I need to find a way to get some $$ flowing in here. And the notebooks are so cute when they are done. I think it would be a real nice little graduation gift along with a foo-foo pen, or just an anytime gift.

I’m not so sure what to do with the ornament dealies. Those are more of a challenge because I’ve never seen anyone use them before. I’m sure I will get some helpful responses if I post on the right forums.

One good thing for me about starting to blog is that it makes me sharpen up on my writing skills. I can’t believe some of the mistakes I’ve made just with spelling. Well off to work on those books, etc.