Friends-4-Food Project: About The Friends 4 Food Project

Friends-4-Food Project: About The Friends 4 Food Project

This is one more example of one person making a difference. One lady decided to donate food each year at Christmas time. This year she decided more would be produced if she made a contest and those who joined the contest donated food to a food bank. They would be entered into her contest to win some crafting supplies from her. Other retailers, wholesales, etc. wanted to contribute to the pot, so now she has quite a good bit of supplies to give to the randomly picked winner. So go donate some food and join the contest. Her website says 3 more days til the winner is chosen. Great contest!


I am having so much fun!!

Last night at Digitals Chat, we had 62 people, 62!! That is quite a record, and because of it we all got a bonus download!! They are so generous with their prizes: kits, quick pages, etc. And all the designers at Digital Scrapbook Pages are so talented and creative. I’m just having a great time.

Look what I found on one of the designers web pages. Give it a try if you like:

The Recipe For Barbara

3 parts Energy

2 parts Class

1 part Charm

Splash of Success

Serve over ice