New house, New designer

I am very happy to say that my friend Kathy in Michigan who owns The Scrapbook Store dot net found a new house. After 14 years of living with flooding that would last for days into weeks sometimes, she says “her husband” bought her a new house. I get a kick out of that. But I am happy for her. Plus she will carry more crafting goodies now that she will have a dedicated area.

I am also happy to announce we have a new designer at Digitals. Her name is Kjerstin and has already begun uploading to her store. So if you have a minute, stop by and check out her designs. Here is the link for Digitals.

I completed more challenges than ever at Digitals this month. There was one I had signed up for that I did not complete but I wasn’t too excited about it anyway. Don’t forget to check out the new posts on my Crafts page.

I need sometime to make some smashing layouts for my newest designer Nicecrane. If you click on his name you will get to his blog. He has freebies available once a week I believe. His creations are out of the ordinary, but then who wants to be ordinary? Not me.

Ok, time for Jay or David.


Home again, home again, jiggety jog …

I am in such a state I don’t know a word for it. I know I am physically and mentally exhausted. The drive home wasn’t as bad as usual. Ayiana and I had a wonderful time together on Saturday. She even made oatmeal and toast for dinner for us, and it was very good! She is such a darling. She fell asleep today while we were meeting. lol with her coat over her face. Got a new picture too. I’ll get it posted soon. Soon as I find my camera.

I’m trying to catch up on emails. I’m about 3 days behind so I’m not sure I’ll make it completely today. I am excited to announce that I have been invited to, and accepted joining Nicecrane ~ a Designer on ~ his Creative Team. I can’t wait to work with his exceptional, original products. Be sure to check out my Crafts blog to see what has been posted recently. I should have some layouts using products by Nicecrane up this week. If you want to see some of his products now, here is a link: Nicecrane Designs.

A few weeks ago, no CT, now 3 CT. I’m full. lol

Off to ….

Designer Chat and Twitter-free

I’m about to head into a chat at Digitalscrapbookpages, where else. I get to learn about one of our new designers Kristmess. Cute name. I am anxious to learn more as her designs are great, and DeDe is hosting so that will be fun too.

About Twitter … sheesh. I am done. I have tried it several different ways, posting on their site which I find totally inconvenient, posting what I thought would be updates from whomever I chose to follow, but it only posted my updates? What good is that, I know what I said. Then I thought I loaded a blogger widget to post to, read others posts, etc. Picked out a nice look and all. Something happened and I ended up with next to nothing, but again, my own posts. So I am done. Everyone else have a good time with it. I’m busy scrapping pages and enjoying more of the 3-D kind of world.

Speaking of which, off to the chat … enjoy!

Man did I pay …

I am not used to staying up so late! Combine that with a bit of fibro and arthritis and you’re in trouble. Ugh. I’m changing up the routine for the rest of this week and we will start over next. It’s all good, as they say.

In the meantime I finally completed a really cute layout for Paula, called Artistic Chocolate. Really a cute name, eh? The kit is named Artistic and is at Digitals. lol Leave a comment if you have a minute. I love to get feedback, always working to improve.

Okay, bedtime for me. Hope you got to bed at a decent hour.

night …

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Pesto and Oscar

After crawling home from Socorro with my car on my back this evening, I don’t think I’ll be cleaning the windows tomorrow. Okay, yeah, I’m kidding about the crawling with the car on my back, but that’s how I feel tonight. I felt like I’d never get home. The highway kept getting longer. I looked around thinking, ‘I don’t remember seeing this before’.

Other than the long drive home, it was a fantabulous weekend. Ayiana and I went to the grocery store then to my hotel for a pass. We ate chips and a new bean/cheese dip that was yummy, then quiche lorraine, then we ate out entrees, then desert candy. Then a little surfing on the computer, pampering Ayiana with a little trim to her hair, some mousse and gentle brushing by mom. I even gave her a mini pedicure, which she really appreciated. We were both bushed by the time she got back for the night.

Today was similar. We ate lunch – I’m picking up on a theme here – then we sat outside for a bit, enjoying the breeze, and of course, some rock hunting.

Unfortunately I missed the cyber baby shower for Stacey, owner and designer at Digital Scrapbook Pages. She’s due in about a week, I believe. And it sounds like they had a great time in the chat.

And now, I’m due to finish dinner – yes, eating again – and tuck myself in for a long winter’s nap. See you in the morning . . .

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Train ** 44 Blogs Long ** Christmas Mini-Kits

Can you believe it! 44 Christmas mini-kits from the designers at Digitalscrapbookpages. Click on the post title or Digitals and you’ll be on your way. That will take you to one of the fab designer’s blog’s, Shawn Walters. Download her mini-kit and then follow the list below it. These designers at Digitals are the most generous I have found. And the most talented! Okay, yes, I’m a First Responder there, but that is why. If you want to work or volunteer somewhere, you want to do it with the best. So get busy, it’s going to take a while to download 44 mini-kits. That still blows my mind!

A little closer …

Well, it’s Christmasy. I gave up on installing the one I really wanted. The changes just would not take. So I found another Christmas blog template that I like. Now the header from the first Christmas template is showing up! lol Actually I hope the new template is showing up. I shows in the preview, but not when I just bring up the blog.

BTW, I was safe and sound at home all day yesterday. I did my shopping today. I went to WalMart, and 2 of the items I bought were cheaper today, than in the sales flyer for their “big sale” yesterday.

If you are looking for some cool Digi Scrapbook kits for Christmas, check out or I got the cutest pink Christmas set at Sassy. I’ll be posting some layouts when I get my slide show going. And don’t forget to check out Bannerwoman’s designs at Digitals. Wish me luck on putting this site back together. We are .xml now! (Uh, okay.)