I Believe!

I got a call in the middle of the day Wednesday. It was Ayiana telling me she was getting a 12 hour pass on Easter Sunday to come home for part of the day. I was elated and worried all at once. No time to prepare. Driving 6 or 8 hours in one day??? No can do. Who can help? Ayiana home! Even for a visit! No time to prepare. So today when I called tx she said we need more time to prepare. Aha! Yes, I agreed. Maybe 2 weeks ahead, yes. And Easter egg hunt may disrupt pass time, I think on Saturday, but who knows til Saturday. It’s the nature of the business. I know. It’s my business, too. Ayiana is doing very well. She has no problem with redirection. New female for her to make friends. No phone calls, her choice. It will work itself out. I Believe. 🙂 I Believe. 🙂


Pesto and Oscar

After crawling home from Socorro with my car on my back this evening, I don’t think I’ll be cleaning the windows tomorrow. Okay, yeah, I’m kidding about the crawling with the car on my back, but that’s how I feel tonight. I felt like I’d never get home. The highway kept getting longer. I looked around thinking, ‘I don’t remember seeing this before’.

Other than the long drive home, it was a fantabulous weekend. Ayiana and I went to the grocery store then to my hotel for a pass. We ate chips and a new bean/cheese dip that was yummy, then quiche lorraine, then we ate out entrees, then desert candy. Then a little surfing on the computer, pampering Ayiana with a little trim to her hair, some mousse and gentle brushing by mom. I even gave her a mini pedicure, which she really appreciated. We were both bushed by the time she got back for the night.

Today was similar. We ate lunch – I’m picking up on a theme here – then we sat outside for a bit, enjoying the breeze, and of course, some rock hunting.

Unfortunately I missed the cyber baby shower for Stacey, owner and designer at Digital Scrapbook Pages. She’s due in about a week, I believe. And it sounds like they had a great time in the chat.

And now, I’m due to finish dinner – yes, eating again – and tuck myself in for a long winter’s nap. See you in the morning . . .

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