And back to Truth or Consequences … the game show blah blah

After three more visits before leaving the hotel room this morning, Ayiana and I had a very good Family Session then had a couple hour pass for fun. Time has never flown that fast.[img][/img] We ended up eating our Subway’s in the lobby before I left. When I got home I realized I had several of the items she had wanted, including her origami paper. Nothing like anticipation to make something more exquisite once received! What a sweety she is.

Time for Mom to head to the bedroom. I am very tired but want to get things done. Oh well, the vote definitely goes to tired tonight. [img][/img]

Tomorrow will bring excitement, I’m sure …


Pesto and Oscar

After crawling home from Socorro with my car on my back this evening, I don’t think I’ll be cleaning the windows tomorrow. Okay, yeah, I’m kidding about the crawling with the car on my back, but that’s how I feel tonight. I felt like I’d never get home. The highway kept getting longer. I looked around thinking, ‘I don’t remember seeing this before’.

Other than the long drive home, it was a fantabulous weekend. Ayiana and I went to the grocery store then to my hotel for a pass. We ate chips and a new bean/cheese dip that was yummy, then quiche lorraine, then we ate out entrees, then desert candy. Then a little surfing on the computer, pampering Ayiana with a little trim to her hair, some mousse and gentle brushing by mom. I even gave her a mini pedicure, which she really appreciated. We were both bushed by the time she got back for the night.

Today was similar. We ate lunch – I’m picking up on a theme here – then we sat outside for a bit, enjoying the breeze, and of course, some rock hunting.

Unfortunately I missed the cyber baby shower for Stacey, owner and designer at Digital Scrapbook Pages. She’s due in about a week, I believe. And it sounds like they had a great time in the chat.

And now, I’m due to finish dinner – yes, eating again – and tuck myself in for a long winter’s nap. See you in the morning . . .

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Friends-4-Food Project: About The Friends 4 Food Project

Friends-4-Food Project: About The Friends 4 Food Project

This is one more example of one person making a difference. One lady decided to donate food each year at Christmas time. This year she decided more would be produced if she made a contest and those who joined the contest donated food to a food bank. They would be entered into her contest to win some crafting supplies from her. Other retailers, wholesales, etc. wanted to contribute to the pot, so now she has quite a good bit of supplies to give to the randomly picked winner. So go donate some food and join the contest. Her website says 3 more days til the winner is chosen. Great contest!