JIC Creations: Blog Train Freebies Galore!

JIC Creations: Blog Train Freebies Galore!
This blog has 4 Christmas Blog Trains going and 2 more starting later this month! If you want to collect some gorgeous Christmas kits, quickpages, mini-kits, etc., this lady’s blog has I would guess 140 links to different blog participants on the different trains.

So lets go for a ride. It’s going to take me until Christmas to download all of these gorgeous kits. Thanks to all participants! Tell them Enchantedcropper sent you. 🙂


Train ** 44 Blogs Long ** Christmas Mini-Kits

Can you believe it! 44 Christmas mini-kits from the designers at Digitalscrapbookpages. Click on the post title or Digitals and you’ll be on your way. That will take you to one of the fab designer’s blog’s, Shawn Walters. Download her mini-kit and then follow the list below it. These designers at Digitals are the most generous I have found. And the most talented! Okay, yes, I’m a First Responder there, but that is why. If you want to work or volunteer somewhere, you want to do it with the best. So get busy, it’s going to take a while to download 44 mini-kits. That still blows my mind!

I am having so much fun!!

Last night at Digitals Chat, we had 62 people, 62!! That is quite a record, and because of it we all got a bonus download!! They are so generous with their prizes: kits, quick pages, etc. And all the designers at Digital Scrapbook Pages are so talented and creative. I’m just having a great time.

Look what I found on one of the designers web pages. Give it a try if you like:

The Recipe For Barbara

3 parts Energy

2 parts Class

1 part Charm

Splash of Success

Serve over ice