To Albuquerque we will go …

Well, another long day that ends with a long night. Lots of phone calls but I couldn’t see Ayiana.


It is a Good Life

I am very tired from the weekend trip, but very happy that my dd will be coming home soon. Another month or 2 and that will be the end of those wonderful 165 mile drives.

I’m getting the hang of it

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Whew, this wordpress is so different from blogger it takes an education. I am psyched that it will be worth it. The wonderful options offered will allow me to show my layouts and other creations like I want to, not how the program wants to.

It is different so I appreciate your time, looking around a bit and finding the new pages that never quite came alive in this blogs previous incarnation. Notice the links up top. Those are the various pages I am in the process of polishing up. Feel free to surf around leaving suggestions here and there. Not only do I want to display my works, I also want to have some valuable links to some cool, worth-while tools I have found over the years.

Take a minute to leave your mark below …

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Lost but fun …

Yes, I am lost in WordPress for now, but I see so much potential I don’t care! This can be my little pink house. Today I have decided to tie up all my loose ends. Haha Maybe those I can easily locate today. I have finally started a birthday gift for a precious little girl. It is a 3d wall hanging of her fav divas, Bratz. The catch is it was her present for her birthday two years ago. 😦  Bad me. But I am working on it now and happy with how it is progressing because it is a rather complicated process. Good me. 🙂  I’ll get this pics off my camera and add one or two here.