Home again, home again, jiggety jog …

I am in such a state I don’t know a word for it. I know I am physically and mentally exhausted. The drive home wasn’t as bad as usual. Ayiana and I had a wonderful time together on Saturday. She even made oatmeal and toast for dinner for us, and it was very good! She is such a darling. She fell asleep today while we were meeting. lol with her coat over her face. Got a new picture too. I’ll get it posted soon. Soon as I find my camera.

I’m trying to catch up on emails. I’m about 3 days behind so I’m not sure I’ll make it completely today. I am excited to announce that I have been invited to, and accepted joining Nicecrane ~ a Designer on Digitalscrapbookpages.com ~ his Creative Team. I can’t wait to work with his exceptional, original products. Be sure to check out my Crafts blog to see what has been posted recently. I should have some layouts using products by Nicecrane up this week. If you want to see some of his products now, here is a link: Nicecrane Designs.

A few weeks ago, no CT, now 3 CT. I’m full. lol

Off to ….


Bummed about losing posts

I guess I lost all the posts I had before switching to the Christmas background. I thought I had it backed up, but, uh, I can’t find it right now. It’s gotta be here somewhere, right? I’ll stumble across it before too long.

In the meantime, have you seen all the Christmas Scrapbook blog trains going around? I’ve seen them with as many as 80 separate participants. My fav so far is the Christmas Around the World train as it has a color focus of blue this year. There are so many on that train it’s next to impossible to download them all even with a whole month to do it in.

I have to finish up our cards and get them in the mail tomorrow. I can’t believe Christmas has crept up on me again this year. Ayiana chose the picture we’ll put on the cards. She is such a sweety. I won’t put up the picture until after Christmas in case anyone is snooping, but it’s a photo to melt a mother’s heart. At least people should still get them before Christmas. I’ve only gotten a couple myself so maybe people aren’t sending them like in previous years.

The economy is hitting hard in even the smallest ways. And from what I hear, most likely we won’t be pulling out of this until 2010. Somehow I feel insulated here in New Mexico. Small towns don’t see the unemployment quite as bad because we are already pretty self sufficient. Having the Walmart finally forces the other stores to become competitive or go out of business. I don’t go out to eat much anyway, so that won’t change my lifestyle. I have my warm bungalow next to the Rio Grande, my two girls doing well, a reliable car, even I am able to work pt faculty, one class per semester. That is something to be grateful for. That gives me an idea. I’ll have to work on this and get back to you. But do come back.

I should have more time to focus on putting my blog in order between semesters, so I can’t wait to get to it. In the meantime, time for a good night’s rest. Til tomorrow.

Doing some spring cleaning

Even though it’s September, I’m doing spring cleaning. I have never gotten rid of so much stuff. I didn’t realize I had so much. It feels airy and spaceous plus it’s nice to know that someone else may benefit from my donations.

I have discovered the wonders of paint in a can. With a can of spray paint, I can do anything! It really shapes up that tired wooden furniture. And these days there are so many choices in color, there is even a see through spray paint made by Krylon, and in addition to satin or shiny, there’s things like hammered and they look great. I used the hammered on my mailbox post and it looks brand new. Speaking of which I’d better get back to the spring, I mean fall cleaning. I’m going to get back here soon, hopefully, to create a family page. I want to post pictures of everyone, including some great ones I just got from my Aunt Betty and Uncle Dan that are super old of my grandparents. Have a great day!

Slideshow anybody?

Here is my favorite picture right now. Ayiana and I got into a photo booth at the mall in Cruces last week and it was great because it made duplicates of the pictures so we both got a set. What a beautiful face. She just automatically lifted up the pics next to her face like that. I’ll have to print this for her to have a copy too.

I don’t know what is going on with my computer. Suddenly I can’t get into my Photobucket website. I can see my pics but I can’t log in and my links aren’t working. I want to put a slideshow on the website so I guess I’m going to start all over with a picture upload site. Otherwise, it has been a long day. I’m continuing to clean my home. The den is being tackled (sometimes literally! lol). I’ll be cleaning the carpet tomorrow. I removed everything from the room and the walls, vaccuumed, and made plans to remove books from the shelving. I have a whole wall of built in shelving and I am planning to use some of those shelves to store and organize my scrapbooking supplies. At the same time, our multi-purpose game table is in there, and we still want to use that occasionally. I really don’t mind these kinds of challenges. I enjoy organizing and making things work.