To Albuquerque we will go …

Well, another long day that ends with a long night. Lots of phone calls but I couldn’t see Ayiana. She has some problems again today. I am doing all I can reasonably to have her out of that RTC ASAP!

On the bright side, whenever I come up here I get to go to Whole Foods. I finally found the purse I’ve wanted for ages. It wasn’t expensive, it’s just right in size and I love the design. What more can I ask for. I also found lots of good food! I had a gourmet meal consisting of a basil, tomato, and tofu salad for a beginning course, followed by a humongo piece of artichoke, black olive, and spinach pizza (to die for!) and as a final course, a large square of Tiramisu, of which there is half in the fridge for tomorrow.

Our meeting is not until 1:00 so I will have plenty of time for iced coffee and tiramisu perhaps? LOL, no I got my favorite bagel which I was there also.

I’m getting tired and I’d like to finish a few more layouts while I am awake. Thanks for reading my no news post.


Designer Chat and Twitter-free

I’m about to head into a chat at Digitalscrapbookpages, where else. I get to learn about one of our new designers Kristmess. Cute name. I am anxious to learn more as her designs are great, and DeDe is hosting so that will be fun too.

About Twitter … sheesh. I am done. I have tried it several different ways, posting on their site which I find totally inconvenient, posting what I thought would be updates from whomever I chose to follow, but it only posted my updates? What good is that, I know what I said. Then I thought I loaded a blogger widget to post to, read others posts, etc. Picked out a nice look and all. Something happened and I ended up with next to nothing, but again, my own posts. So I am done. Everyone else have a good time with it. I’m busy scrapping pages and enjoying more of the 3-D kind of world.

Speaking of which, off to the chat … enjoy!

Man did I pay …

I am not used to staying up so late! Combine that with a bit of fibro and arthritis and you’re in trouble. Ugh. I’m changing up the routine for the rest of this week and we will start over next. It’s all good, as they say.

In the meantime I finally completed a really cute layout for Paula, called Artistic Chocolate. Really a cute name, eh? The kit is named Artistic and is at Digitals. lol Leave a comment if you have a minute. I love to get feedback, always working to improve.

Okay, bedtime for me. Hope you got to bed at a decent hour.

night …

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Working it on so many levels

Just a quick post to let anyone who stops by know that I am working on the background of the blog. I have never made my own before and as you can tell I am still learning. I have the uploading technique down, now I have to make the background the proper size, etc.

This is the latest I’ve been up in years. I think it’s around 1:00 am. And, yes, I am tired. I have been searching my computer for a certain sb kit that I know I had but has disappeared. Computers get hungry as we all know, and I supposed it chose that kit to eat. Big bummer, because I don’t want to admit that it’s gone to anyone.

Lastly, I am still tired from the weekend. Thank heaven I can sleep in til the afternoon if necessary. lol I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. And of all the rotten luck, I’m hungry now! I know I shouldn’t. But, well .. I’ll never tell.


Digital Scrapbooking Day!

I had no idea that November 1 is DSD. I love any excuse to celebrate and party, the internet way. So of course, you have to go over to Digital Scrapbook Pages for the chats and games on Saturday and Sunday with great kits for prizes. Just dropping a quick note about it. I’ve been working for hours on a challenge layout. I love it to death, my fav so far, but I am tired, especially my eyes. Hope to see you at Digitals!