As the Wind Blows …

I really thought we were going to have a storm here, which is very unusual, til about this time of year. The end of June into July is our rainy season and we get some you know what kind of storms, if we are lucky. Otherwise no rain until November. But, as it was, we got a lot of wind – dry, hot wind. Our dog, Prince, who is not quite a year yet just stood in the yard as the wind blew looking around quite interested. Claire on the other hand has seen this before so she was under the shelter of the back porch roof. I knew something was coming with the way I’ve been feeling lately. What did the old folks used to say, my rhuematism was acting up. lol

We are supposed to do some yard work tomorrow a.m., but I’m not so sure now. I know I don’t feel up for it right now. I hope everything is nice where you are; your favorite weather, your favorite cold drink, and your favorite company. Until next time.