Some new widgets & Sierra County, New Mexico

I put up a Pet Finder search at the bottom of the page, and on the right I put one of the “Followers” widgets, so I need a few people to click on that so alls good. This is the big weekend of our local county fair. This consists of booths of things to buy that I am never interested in and animals, lots of animals. Yup, Sierra County is very small when it comes to people and money. It covers a good amount of land, even into the Gila a bit.
It’s legal to carry concealed weapons as long as you have a permit. It was rather strange to me the first time I went to a restaurant and there in the window was a sign “No Firearms”. We have our fair share of shootings. I know people who have wolves as pets, even though it’s illegal.
Then there’s the Outbackers. These are the people who take groups into the mountains on donkeys. Donkeys also carry their “gear”. Some do it for hunting I guess, some actually think they may discover a gold mine. I’ve known people who moved here for that specific purpose. I hear there are fabulous amethyst deposits out in the hills here, but it takes half a day on a atv just to get to them. I guess there are good deposits of limestone or shale, I can’t remember. But it’s the flat stone that people use as walking paths.
Basically, I’m living in the Old West. A good portion of the men have no idea what feminism is and don’t care to. If you wear a cowboy hat and boots, you’re alright by them.
I forgot to mention the competitions at the fair, and the rodeo, which I refuse to go to. But they do have Jymkhana for the kids which is popular here. I had no idea what it was when I first came here. It is the name for teaching kids all about horse riding and competitions. I guess that’s the best way to put it, as I understand it. Well now you’ve had your education on Sierra County, New Mexico. It’s an intersting place.p